Friday, August 27, 2004

Bush's Campaign Finance "Journey"

Ramesh Ponnuru in today’s NRO “Corner” on Bush’s campaign finance “journey”:

A brief history: 1) I'm against it, and you should vote for me over John McCain on this basis. 2) Some campaign-finance reforms amount to a restriction on free speech, and I'll veto them on that basis. 3) I'll sign the bill, let the judges sort it out. 4) The bill I just signed bans all those George Soros ads. 5) I'm going to sue to get those ads all banned. 6) I'm going to support legislation to ban those ads that I already banned, even though they used to be free speech.

I think (5) and (6) are new this week.

Here's a better idea: Representative Roscoe Bartlett's First Amendment Restoration Act.

Ouch. Bush is digging a hole for himself right alongside Kerry. The difference may end up being that Lurch had such a huge head start.