Sunday, February 27, 2005

Donk "Grassroots" Think GOPers Should Be Executed

More specifically, blacks and women:

If I had my way, I would see Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell strapped down to electric chairs and lit up like Christmas trees. The better to light the way for American Democracy and American Freedom!

So said Stephen Crockett, co-host of "Democratic Talk Radio," which boasts its mission as "spread[ing] the message of the Democratic Party and to provide an on-line home for grassroots Democrats everywhere."

So I guess that means that "the message of the Democratic Party" is a mix of racial and gender apartheid with Naziesque mass murder - in order to "restore American democracy and freedom."

You know, we've heard so much of this hate talk from these people for so long now that it's almost become easy to tune it out, or dismiss it as "moonbattery" not to be taken seriously. But what if they're really serious? After all, nobody in Germany took Adolph Hitler seriously when his party was winning 3% of the vote in parliamentary elections in the late 1920s. But then circumstances changed, and suddenly a lot more people started listening to his message, but only the part about making Germany "great" again, not the racialism and enslavement and "Final Solutions."

In a democracy, people generally get the kind of government they want. The same thing applies to political parties. And right now the Democrat Party seems, from its "grassroots" rhetoric, to be fertile ground for near-totalitarianism and rampaging retribution against designated "enemies" of "American democracy and freedom." All that would seem to be missing is a like-minded charismatic leader who can both galvanize them and put over a "safe," reassuring face to the American mainstream.

And guess who's the prohibitive favorite for the Dem nomination in 2008.

What passes for "conventional wisdom" fears an erosion or undermining of American democracy from within via anti-terror measures like the Patriot Act and supposedly dangerous "neocons." But it may prove to be the adamant opponents of such measures who are plotting the ends they attribute to the enemies they would "strap down to electric chairs and light up like Christmas trees."

I don't want to believe that. But until the Donk "grassroots" and leadership purges such fascist agitating from its body politic instead of giving it silent, nod-nod/wink-wink assent, it will get "progressively" more difficult to draw any other conclusion.