Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina Blogburst Update

Via the Blogfather we find that....

The blogburst has brought in over$841,000 thus far, with 15 hours remaining. More than 1,700 blogs have pushed for relief donations.
Speaking of which, please see the Katrina icon on the sidebar and give generously to our designated relief conduit, Samaritan's Purse.

NRO has an interesting suggestion for another way in which Republicans can help the Big Easy get back on its feet: hold its 2008 national convention there:

No single step would go further to dramatize the GOP's commitment to rebuilding New Orleans than announcing now that the party's 2008 convention will be held in the recovering city. Such a move would signal the party's confidence in the Big Easy's renewal, and put it at the forefront of what should be similar commitments from private actors to do their part to help New Orleans come back.

Critics will call it a transparent attempt to burnish the party's image after the Bush Administration "failed" with the initial relief effort. The gesture would, however, reflect the genuine sentiment of Republicans who, like all Americans, want to help a city facing such a bleak future....They will go to a city that then will, no doubt, still be scarred by the catastrophe of the last week, but back on its feet, and a perfect venue for a testament to the American spirit.

You know, if the Democrats could ever tear themselves away from burning George Bush in effigy or jabbing railroad spikes through Dubya voodoo dolls long enough to attempt some creative thinking for a change, they might consider the notion of beating the GOP to this punch. Or even, dare I say it, joining with their colleagues on the other side of the literal and proverbial aisle by sceduling both national conventions in New Orleans.

Sure, it'd be slumming for them, and interfere with their relentlessly mindless hatemongering, and actually constitute genuine, if symbolic, bipartisanism with people that they consider to be the epitome of evil. But, hey, it'd be for the benefit of the people and city of New Orleans, right?

And besides, it isn't as though the feeling isn't mutual over here, Donks.

The difference is, we're right about you, which is why you'll never do it - and why we absolutely should.

UPDATE: Make that 1,791 participating blogs is more than $1,079,000 - and counting....