Friday, September 23, 2005

Please, Gollyfornia Dems, Nominate This Man

The Governator could run for re-election unopposed and have a more difficult campaign than facing Warren "Batty with an 'E'"Beatty:

Actor Warren Beatty leveled a blistering political assault on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday night, accusing him of governing "by show, by spin, by cosmetics and photos ops."

Beatty made his remarks at a convention of the California Nurses Association, an organization that has emerged in the last year as one of Schwarzenegger's most vociferous critics.

Beatty, a Democrat and longtime political activist who has been mentioned as a possible challenger to Schwarzenegger next year, did not announce his candidacy as many in the boisterous crowd had hoped. But he indicated he hadn't ruled out a run, and said he would continue to speak out on important issues....

Beatty used most of his address to rail against the Republican governor's "year of reform" ballot initiatives in the November 8 special election. Schwarzenegger is pushing several measures that would curb the power of the Democrat-controlled Legislature and the state's powerful public employee unions.

Beatty, who has criticized the governor several times this year, called the initiatives "union busting" and "fascist."

More than a year out from the election, and not even having declared his candidacy, and Beatty is already using the "F" word. And epithetically, since its technical definition fits the entrenched Dem establishment in Sacramento against which Ah-nuld has been battling far more accurately.

As to his essentially dismissing Schwarzenegger as a light-weight, that's a gut-buster considering the source. Like most Hollywoodies, Beatty has tired of playing on-screen roles and now wants to take his hand at "reality acting" by pretending to be a legitimate gubernatorial candidate against an incumbent who forewent tens of millions in movie earnings to go to Sacramento to actually get things done that are both needed and desired by the voters who elected him.

Can anybody say what a Governor Beatty would do, other than become Gray Davis with a recognizable name and stale, long-past-expiration date charisma?

Apparently most Californians agree:

A statewide Field Poll taken in June showed that just 24% of California voters would be inclined to elect Beatty governor, while 53% said they weren't inclined and 23% had no opinion.

A twenty-nine-point deficit before he even declares. And the more Gollyfornians saw of him, the worse it would get. Perhaps that's why Ah-nuld isn't exactly sweating his possible challenge.

You gotta love the tone of this droll rejoinder:

Schwarzenegger spokeswoman Margita Thompson said "we don't care that much about Warren Beatty, and based on his ticket sales from the past generation [No joke - Heaven Can Wait, Reds, and Ishtar were all his, a kind of cinematic Cerebus], I doubt anyone else does either."
Ouch. Remember the before guy in the old Charles Atlas ads? You should now.