Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pocket Savior

In the end, it really isn't fully possible to analyze the rantings of DNC Chairman Howard Dean. You just have to sit back and marvel at the idiocy.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean is now boasting that he's the savior of the Democratic Party, in a none-too-subtle slap at former party chief Terry McAuliffe, not to mention the last Democratic standard bearer, Senator John Kerry.

Asked why he wanted to run the DNC, Dean told ABC's The View last week: "Somebody had to save the party."

From what? Winning elections? Of course, they weren't doing that before Dean came along, either, but at least they were flush with cash, and that sure as heck is no longer the case.

It reminds me of a Barry Goldwater blooper from the 1964 presidential campaign:

"I don't think that Americans want to be rich slaves; I believe that Americans want to be poor slaves...."

The difference here is that Dean's comment wasn't a blooper. He actually meant what he said.

Oh, I guess I should add what he thinks he's saved his party from:

[Dr. Demented] insisted that Democrats were heading in the wrong direction before he took over, telling View gabber Joy Behar, "We thought we were going to win by becoming Republicans."

The ex-Vermont governor suggested that Senator Kerry didn't have the backbone to defeat President Bush in last year's election, saying, "If you want to win, it's not so much what you believe ... it's whether you're willing to fight for what you believe. And the Democrats had given up. We had simply not been willing to stand up and fight."

No, Chairman How, it does matter what you believe, especially if what you believe is crazy wacko extremism that is parsecs out of the American political mainstream. That's something that has to be concealed, not "fought for" openly, at least if you want to have a snowball's chance of ever winning another national election. Study the Clinton Hedony and its restoration-in-waiting if you want to see what your party needs to get back to.

The time to "stand up and fight" is after you're safely in office - a state of being from which you indeed appear to be saving your party for a great many years to come.