Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Last Clinton Coverup

....is proving to be as successful as all its predecessors, according to the Evans-Novak Political Report:

Democrats have their own scandal brewing at the moment, but they are doing much better in covering it up than their Republican counterparts. At issue is the report by David Barrett, the last remaining U.S. independent counsel. Over ten years, Barrett has spent $21 million on the investigation of former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros, who lied to FBI investigators about hush money paid to an ex-mistress.

The reason the report and the investigation have taken so long is that allies to Cisneros and the legal team of former President Bill Clinton at the powerhouse Washington law firm of Williams and Connolly have fought its progress in court at every step. Meanwhile, Clinton-sympathetic judges have sealed everything concerned with the case, including Barrett's report.

The report contains shocking allegations of high-level corruption in the Internal Revenue Service and Justice Department under Clinton, which Barrett found as Clinton aides monitored his investigation and sought to derail it in order to cover up the Cisneros matter. A regional IRS official had formulated a new rule enabling him to transfer an investigation of Cisneros to Washington to be buried by the Justice Department. Barrett's investigators found Lee Radek, head of Justice's public integrity division, determined to protect President Bill Clinton.

A recently passed appropriations bill, intended to permit release of this report, was altered by Democrats behind closed doors to ensure that its politically combustible elements never see the light of day. Democrats succeeded in inserting instructions into the bill's conference report that are very broad and will allow judges to continue suppressing the report. Three of the toughest Democrats in Congress - Senator Carl Levin, Senator Byron Dorgan and Representative Henry Waxman - have been behind the effort to suppress, and they have done it effectively.

Bob Novak may consider the allegations in the Barrett report to be "shocking," but nobody who lived through the Clinton detour and was paying the slightest bit of attention to that organized criminal conspiracy can possibly be surprised at such reflexive obstruction of justice. Ditto that congressional Donks are still doing their level best to bury all of it five years after the fact, and are evidently achieving their objective despite being deep in the minority. After all, the Clinton restoration is scheduled for a little over three years from now, and they know that if they leave any possible loose thread untied, President Hillary will have them on the short rail to the Alaska gulag at high noon on 1/20/09.

Brother Hinderaker marvels at what the Dems are able to get away with while in the minority. I, on the other hand, continue to marvel at how majority Republicans refuse to play hardball and force this crap out into the open.

Sure makes Clinton's impeachment look like a fluke, doesn't it?