Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl XL Live Blog (sort of)

HALFTIME: Down 7-3. Should be up 14-7. Got screwed on that offensive pass interference call in the end zone. Then D-Jack should have gotten both feet inside the pylon.

It doesn't bode well. The 'hawks have kicked the Steelers' ass on both sides of the ball and have almost nothing to show for it. Can the defense keep Roethlisberger shut down? Will the Steelers' blitz start getting to Hasselbeck? Shawn Alexander is already not doing much.

It feels like the window of opportunity to win this game was in the first half. If Pittsburgh scores on the opening drive of the third quarter, we can probably kiss this one goodbye.

4th QUARTER, 9 minutes left: The dagger has been inserted. We give up the aforementioned TD drive, are about to give up another, then Kelly Herndon picks it off and runs it back 76 yards. We score, then take the ball all the way down the field, we get a first down at the 2-yard line, and the play is called back on a questionable offensive hold. Two plays later Hasselbeck throws a pick and is flagged for a personal foul for making the tackle. Steelers score on a double reverse halfback option pass.

21-10. Game over. Guess I'd better order my NFC Championship gear now.