Monday, March 20, 2006

Moronic Divergence

Once again I wonder why, oh why did the Bush Administration sit on that goldmine of Saddamite documents for three years and let the other side pound them into the public relations ground unopposed. The newest wrinkle to emerge is that Osama bin Laden solicited "joint operations" with Saddam Hussein, and the Iraqi dictator said "okey-dokey":

An Iraqi intelligence document released last week indicates that Osama bin Laden sought to conduct "joint operations" with Saddam Hussein's regime six years before the 9/11 attacks - and was given the green light by the Iraqi dictator.

The document, detailed in the March 27 issue of the Weekly Standard, describes a February 1995 meeting between bin Laden and Iraqi intelligence that was personally approved by "the Honorable Presidency" - an apparent reference to Saddam....

The document indicates that Saddam personally granted bin Laden's request for help with propaganda broadcasts and instructed his agents "to develop the relationship [with bin Laden] and the cooperation between the two sides to see what other doors of cooperation and agreement open up."

I guess it all depends on what the meaning of "operational relationship" is, huh?

The other Iraq nugget of note today is that U.S. casualty rates there are plummeting as the U.S.-trained Iraqi forces are taking on more and more of the burden of defending their country from its Islamist invaders, and doing so very effectively. Which does much to explain why the Extreme Media has dropped its macabre body count meme in favor of its new "Iraq is in civil war" mantra.

It couldn't be any more predictable with a telepathic implant and a magic eight-ball. Everything war critics said couldn't be done we're doing. Every definition of failure they've come up with we've beaten. So they keep coming up with more and more irrational definitions. And "low-grade civil war," to quote RINO Senator Chuck Hagel, is the most ludicrous benchmark yet. It's sheer rhetorical nonsense. By that open-ended measure there would be no society on the face of the planet that wasn't in a state of "civil war," because there's no society that doesn't have some level of violence going on within it.

Moving the goalposts all over hell's half-acre is one thing, but hiding them, or cloaking them, or painting them in disappearing ink, is something else altogether. Bushophobes and isolationists are so maniacally determined to bury Operation Iraqi Freedom as a "failure" that they have effectively eliminated any practical definition of success.

And that gives them embarrassing "protests" like these, 2006 campaign "strategies" like this, and national spokesmen like this dipwad.

Who says justice is blind?