Saturday, June 17, 2006


The meltdown continues....

***Though we never hear about it in the Extreme Media (which eternally anticipates the "always a bridesmaid but never a bride" "conservative crackup"), it is the Democrat Party that is divided, in any number of ways. Indeed, hatred of President Bush and America itself is the only thing this bunch does have in common anymore.

One of the fissures is what strategy to pursue for the 2006 midterm election campaign. The rest of the al Donka leadership wants to focus on specific, (they think) winnable House and Senate races in order to gain just enough seats in both chambers to re-take the majority. DNC Chairman Howard Dean, on the other hand, wants to focus on every race in every state all at once.

Dean thinks the rest of the Dem leadership is too timid and thinks too small; the rest of the Dem leadership thinks that Dean will piss away all their limited resources and with it their chances for the incremental gains they need to regain power.

Dr. Demented is probably right in the long term. However, in the short term he's out to lunch, and the short term is all the other Donkahs care about. And in any case, I don't think anybody as frenetic as Chairman How would have the patience to lay the groundwork for a multi-cycle, incremental rise back to national prominence - and even if he did, the rest of his party would never let him finish it - and even if they would, his unparalleled prowess for not raising money would ensure he'd never get the chance.

Oh, do I see an intra-party bloodletting after al Donka falls short again on November 7th. One that might not be entirely metaphorical. Good thing Howie is a doctor.

***Speaking of al Donkah rifts, the Congressional Black Caucus was pissed at the ouster, by a Dem caucus vote of 99-58, of Congressman Willie "Icebox" Jefferson from his seat on House Ways & Means.

When cornered, Minority Leader Crazy Nancy Pelosi had this to say:

"This is not about a court of law. This is about a higher ethical standard, and you know when it isn't being met."

Translation: Jefferson totally obliterated their "Republican culture of corruption" meme and his colleagues are in full defensive damage-control mode.

I do note, though, that they didn't expel him from the House altogether. And even his committee reassignment has to be ratified by the full House. So don't be surprised if Speaker Hastert - who has fresh problems of his own - comes to Icebox Willie's rescue yet again.

***al Donka finally got around to announcing its "New [heh] Direction For America" platform today. As I don't think I can make it all the way through this termite-infested mess with my consciousness intact, I'll borrow from Rush Limbaugh, whose stamina is, recall, stogie-powered:

1) Negotiate lower prescription drug prices with pharmaceutical companies for Medicare's drug program. In other words: "We're going to hammer business, and we're going to make big drug pay for going along with Bush in this new entitlement." Negotiate lower prescription drug prices? The Democrats are going to go in there and threaten these people with all kinds of punishment, fines, regulations and so forth, unless they do what the Democrats want.

2) Fund stem cell research and increase access to health care. Well, that's really new. When has that not been part of the Democrats' New Direction for America? By the way, the translation of that: We're going to send some money.

And extinguish as many human embryos as, well, "humanly" possible. That's the only practical purpose of embryonic stem cell research, which is, in medical terms, pseudoscientific snakeoil. Let 'em talk about about funding adult stem cell research, which has actually produced medically beneficial results, and I might take them seriously enough to listen.

3) Increase science research, ensure the teaching of evolution, increase funding for community colleges." Spend, spend, spend. [emphasis added]

And continue the pseudoscientific mythologizing.

4) Cut student loan interest rates by half, ensure access to family planning methods and abortion, fund infant and child care, and make sure there is abortion.

5) Increase the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour. Increase employment benefits. They're going to hammer business again, going to go tell business how to run the business, going to tell business if they don't, we're going to punish you even more with higher taxes.

6) Enact funding recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, i.e., make Richard Clarke our hero, meaning spend, spend, spend.
And didn't implementing the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission for reshuffling the bureaucratic deck chairs of the intelligence agencies just work out fabulously?

7) Institute lobbying reform; implement balanced budgets and pay down the national debt while doing all this other spending, which means raise your taxes.

So utterly fecal. Though I do, I suppose, have to give Dems credit for learning thirty full years ago that they have to pay lip service to the notion of fiscal responsibility even though the rest of this "platform" makes such a mockery of it that I'm still hard pressed to know why they even bothered.

Was booting Willie Jefferson from House Ways & Means their lobbying reform downpayment? (see above)

8) Enact tax changes to benefit entrepreneurs. There is one tax "change" that benefits entrepreneurs, and that's cuts, and you don't hear the word come out of the mouth of a Democrat, nor do you see it on their official New Direction for America platform document. What is this, "enact tax changes to benefit entrepreneurs"?

Why, the entrepreneuers they can buy, of course. And who will buy them in turn. Which flies in the face of #7 above, but I doubt even they think they're fooling anybody with that one.

9) Focus national security strategy to nation's borders, increase port security. What does this mean, "focusing national security strategy"? I thought they'd been talking to communications experts out there. This is gibberish; this is gobbledegook - on purpose, by the way. They're not specifying anything. They're trying to come up with things to make you think they have big and grand ideas.

It means Fortress America. It means full-scale retreat from our forward deployments in the GWOT. Really, it doesn't even mean "Fortress" anything, since the Democrats are totally for open borders and are so multi-culti that they'll prostrate themselves even to the reconquistas.

The true meaning? Remember the 1990s? And September 11, 2001? That alone is why al Donka won't sniff the majority again in their current mentally irregular state.

Did you also notice how they put their only mention of national security at number nine? Behind all that domestic fiddle-faddle that won't mean jack-bleep if we're not safe in our own homeland? I'd call that the ultimate freudian slip if I didn't think that they're so drowned in their own seditious delusions that they don't even realize they're being perilously candid.

10) Fund more public transportation, promote environmental restoration." Spend, spend, spend.

11) Repeal subsidies for oil and gas companies to encourage renewable fuels.

That's it. There's nothing here about the war on terror. There's really nothing here about immigration. There's nothing here on a whole host of issues that really matter. They're living in the past. They're trying to relive their glory days, coupled with arrogance and condescension.

You know what the Democrats are like? I get all this flowery language, and I try to get all detailed and in depth explaining them psychologically, but it's real simple and those of you who are parents will understand this. They are just spoiled, rotten children. It's just no more than spoiled, rotten children. They have had power for so long and they've had it taken away from them and they're demanding it back.
And my final take? How's this for the powers of observation: What's in this thing that's actually new? Health care, environment, public transit, stem cells, prescription drugs, abortion, cut & run from the war, education, minimum wage, blah, blah, blah, yata, yata, yata. Oh, yes, and raising taxes. Even for the most orthodox socialist this is like dining on three-week old meatloaf. It's so stale it's got hair growing out of it. And these nutters, elderly pony-tailed has-beens, full-time anger enthusiasts, saggy pants-suited bulldykes with thighs that resemble the roof of a white VW van after a hailstorm, coifed castrati, a tenth of the Mexican population, and raincoat & kleenex hobbiests think this is the clarion call that will rally the "oppressed" American populace to the barricades of revolution?

You know why El Rushbo was able to stay awake through the above utterly tiresome recitation? It's impossible to fall asleep while vomiting from the stench of billowing clouds of "aromatic" cigar smoke.

***Hillary Clinton is now a born-again champion of "privacy":

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, drawing on her experiences as a young Watergate lawyer who decades later was investigated as first lady, urged creation of a "privacy bill of rights" Friday to protect people's personal data.

"Modern life makes many things easier and many things easier to know, and yet privacy is somehow caught in the crosshairs of these changes," Clinton said in a speech to a left-leaning legal group....

A potential presidential candidate in 2008 whose eight years as first lady were marked by numerous investigations, Clinton noted her work on a House committee investigating the Nixon administration's illegal snooping and other abuses.

And she ruefully called herself an "expert" in the loss of privacy.

No, she's an expert in the art of cover-up, something that she learned while investigating Watergate and turned into a science during her '90s co-presidency. She's just trying to get a leg up on the cover-ups she'll need to mount when she's flying the Oval Office solo.

But then if Cynthia McKinney can get off scot free for assaulting a Capitol police officer, how complicated can it be?

It's all about the venue, man, it's all about the venue.