Friday, July 28, 2006

Blame "The Most Trusted Man In America"

Looky who are the "professional" snotnoses who just cannot stand to share the journalistic sandbox, much less deal with the fact that they're getting their asses kicked at building network sandcastles:

About two-thirds of the 150 attendees at a Television Critics Association’s gathering walked out of the room before Fox News Channel chairman and CEO Roger Ailes took the stage for a news conference.

Several critics even openly voiced their scorn for what they view as Fox News’ "conservative spin." [IOW, its absence of a left-wing tilt]

But Ailes was unfazed – and enjoyed gloating.

He aired a promotional film featuring comments from critics who predicted a quick death for Fox News when it was launched in 1996, the Miami Herald reports.

Ailes then gleefully reminded the critics who did remain that Fox News has led all cable news channels in the Nielsen ratings for the past 55 months and has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined.

"Fox News is doing pretty well,” Ailes said with a smile, adding that many of the critics who predicted Fox’s demise were "sitting in their hotel rooms right now” instead of attending his news conference in Pasadena, California.
I think it was the noted philosopher Ivana Trump who once said, "Success is the best revenge."

But if the disgruntled TCAers are looking for a scapegoat, they should look in a vastly different direction than Mr. Ailes. Like, say, Uncle Walter, without whom the soil for the planting of Fox News, and the revival of genuine objective journalism, would not have been nearly so fertile.

Pity Mr. Ailes didn't pay that tribute to the miserable old Christophobe; it would be the one accolade Walter Cronkite actually deserves.