Monday, July 31, 2006

What Is Is About Dems Named Cindy?

Evidently reports of Representative McKinney's sanity are still greatly exaggerated:

At Thursday's news conference, [Congresswoman Cynthia] McKinney told reporters her altercation with a Capitol police officer in March had no effect on the primary election results and said the fallout was created by people who had a political agenda. "One of the things that the press was a party to was the ... spiraling of an incident," she said.
Yeah, the vast right-wing press outlets like AP, Reuters, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. were just out to get poor Cindy. And they're all secretly controlled via government-developed mind control devices by the eeeeeevil neocons over at Fox News. So it's all Roger Ailes' fault!

McKinney likened her response — she allegedly struck an officer after he grabbed her from behind — to that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who threw up her fists when President Bush unexpectedly massaged her neck at the recent G8 Summit.

"This woman, who was touched from behind, had a reaction," McKinney said.

If Bill Clinton had touched Chancellor Merkel from behind, (1) her reaction would have been likened to an orgasm, and (2) Clinton wouldn't have massaged her neck.

Regardless, McKinney never said that the Capitol police officer groped her - until now, I guess. In the mean time, Chancellor Merkel didn't leap up, whirl around, and belt the President with a cell phone, either. And lastly, Chancellor Merkel wasn't trying to dodge around a security checkpoint that exists for her own protection. Quite unlike the suburban Atlanta space cadet.

You would think that McKinney, ostensibly aware that she's badly trailing in the race just to be renominated to run for her House seat, would at least make the appearance of playing down the outrageous antics that have landed her in such a hole. But, like Senator Joe McCarthy of yore, she apparently doesn't know any other way to operate.

I suppose it's ironic that McKinney, for all her whacked-out kookiness, is that rarest of critters, an honest politician. At least honest about herself. Her achilles heel is that she's never learned that there is a difference between artifice and plain, simple discretion. But what else is to be expected from a woman who really is dumber than a box of hair?

[h/t: CQ]

UPDATE: Cindy and her primary challenger, Hank Johnson, had a debate last night. It went pretty much as you would have expected after perusing the above.