Friday, December 15, 2006

Barack Hussein Odumbo?

This is hilarious! Go over to Rush's site, and read the story regarding Barack Obama and his "sensitivity" about his big ears. Rush has a picture of Obama with exaggerated ears...boy, is he gonna hear about THAT. Obama put Maureen Dowd "on notice" that he is very sensitive about his big ears because he was teased about them when he was a kid. This guy wants to go through a presidential campaign? He won't last if he's this thin-skinned. What a weenie. I can hear the liberals now decrying Rush's caricature, how terribly mean and insensitive it is, etc...and probably in the next paragraph they'll say something about Rush's weight, past drug problems, personality, etc. THAT'S okay, but don't say anything about one of their own!

The hype over Obama is amazing, anyway. The guy has held office for two years, and he's the Dems' savior? Look at his voting record, there's nothing "different" about him like they're trying to portray. He's a garden variety flaming liberal. Better not call him that to his face, though...might hurt his feelings.