Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Behar Brilliance

I'm sorry, but this woman is dumber than a sack of wet mice. Her latest, from LGF:

Bagging on the airheads who host The View is like shooting fish in a barrel, but today Joy Behar personified the impervious idiocy that characterizes so much of the angry left, as she called the Bush Administration “liars and murderers,” then took offense at the suggestion she might be a “fringe liberal.”

LGF has a link to the video of this latest bit of wacko drivel.

JASmius adds: Ms. Behar may be a three-watt bulb, but that isn't really the point to me; it's that she is a despicable, lying douchbag who is in desperate need of having some respect slapped into her.

There's an old saying: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." The same thing, I think, applies to the matter of self-respect. If your enemies slander you once, perhaps you can let it roll off your back; if they slander you relentlessly and interminably, there comes the time when you have to defend yourself and return fire. If you don't, most people will start believing the slander, and even those who don't (at least at face value) will become contemptuous of you for letting yourself be abused like a doormat outside a horse stall.

One of the reasons the Democrats got back into power last fall, in my estimation, is that the Bush Administration and its congressional majorities plainly and simply let the Donks walk all over them, both rhetorically and politically. It took six years, but the failure of the GOP to ever engage the Dems in this domestic PR civil war finally eroded their public image to the point that a majority of voters became convinced that they didn't deserve to be in power anymore. Even more to the point, they appeared to not want to be in power anymore. Say what you want about the DisLoyalists, but a lack of political ambition has never been among their base faults.

They wanted to win and the GOP didn't. They dish out the verbal slime and the GOP only knows how to keep taking it and squeak, "Yes, m'ams and sirs, may we have another?" Joy Behar is a complete nobody, but it's going to take somebodies like her getting a faceful back - or maybe just punched in the mouth for their seditious crap - before the center-right will be perceived as getting its mojo back.