Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leftist Losers

Great wrapup over at Rush's site on the Democrats' hissy fit over President Bush's speech on the War on Terrorism a couple of days ago. I wish he would make those speeches every other day.

The Democrats send out John Kerry and Ted Kennedy to speak on this? There's not enough credibility on this subject between the two of them to fill a thimble. Reminds me of the Silky Pony's Poverty Tour. Like he knows, or cares, what it's like to be in poverty.

It is so obvious to me now how badly the Democrats want us to lose this war. One line from John Kerry especially made me retch:

So I think it is important for us to realize that all of us are committed to destroying Al-Qaeda.

BS, you jerk. Nothing in your past actions or words indicates that.

Be sure and check the link out before it's gone...there's a picture there of Osama bin Laden with "D-Afghanistan" under it. It's priceless.

JASmius adds: Here 'tis....