Friday, July 27, 2007

So When Does Gregoire Go To Jail?

"Justice" - if you want to call it that (hence the quotes) - for the biggest political heist in Washington state history is finally done.

Sort of (via CS):

King and Pierce County prosecutors filed felony charges today against seven paid employees and supervisors of ACORN "who allegedly committed the biggest voter-registration fraud in state history."

The announcement of criminal charges came after the King County Canvassing Board revoked 1,762 allegedly fraudulent voter registrations submitted by ACORN employees.

Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Stephen Hobbs told the board that six ACORN workers had admitted filling out registration forms with names they found in phone books last October. The canvassers filled out the forms while sitting around a table at the downtown Seattle Public Library, Hobbs said.

County prosecutors charged the six canvassers with one to eight counts each of filing false information on voter registration, and charged a supervisor with providing false information and making a false statement to a public official.

Two of the ACORN workers were also charged in Pierce County with submitting fifty-five phony registrations.
In case you were wondering, nowhere in the Seattle Times article is ACORN's hard-left political orientation mentioned, nor that their flagrant vote fraud helped blatantly steal the 2004 gubernatorial election from Republican Dino Rossi and hand it to Democrat former attorney general Christine Gregoire (the only title permissible for that woman on this site). No comment was sought from the illegal governor or any other Donk for this piece, either.

A pity, really. I would love to have seen her asked - or, hell, get press credentials and ask her myself - how her "victory" in 2004 by 130 votes can possibly have been valid with over thirteen times that many King County (aka Donk Central) voter registrations declared fraudulent. And, "Excuse me, Mrs. Gregoire, one more question, if I may. When are you resigning and moving out of the governor's mansion in which you've been squatting for the past two and a half years and making way for Governor Rossi, and will you do everything you can to smooth the belated transition?"

Flip the party registrations and I guaran-damn-tee this would be unfolding that way.

Of course, if the party registrations had been flipped, there'd have been no election theft in the first place.

Why do you think we're called "Ukrainington"?