Thursday, July 19, 2007

Surging In All The Right Places

General David Petraeus, the counter-insurgency expert and commander of the Iraqi theater of operations, did an interview yesterday on the progress of the "Surge" that did not and will not get bent, twisted, spindled, folded, or mutilated by the Enemy Media. That's because he didn't do the interview with the Enemy Media, but went on the Hugh Hewitt program instead.

Short version? The "Surge" is working - so well that its prospects for turning around public opinion on the war are panicking the ruling Democrats into lame publicity stunts and their propagandists into crazed squeals of anguished frustration. It seems that the General is refusing to follow the mandatory anti-war media template for Republicans and non-lib-lapdog military leaders wherein they go where they're told, talk to whom they're told, take their slanderous, libelous, defamatory "medicine," and reply, "Yes, sir, may I have another?"

You think "panic" is an exaggeration? Take a gander at the Kerryesque slander the New Republic - the ostensibly "responsible" journal of center-left opinion - is vomiting all over our men and women in uniform. If true "mainstream" media inteviews like General Petraeus' with Double-H do succeed in rebuilding public support for the war, the Left, which views another Vietnam as practically its birthright by this point, will get even uglier, and fast.