Friday, August 31, 2007

Still Kickin'...

Hey there everybody! I'm still around. Today is "move-in" day for my youngest at college. Boy, THAT doesn't seem possible. I'm about to be an empty nester, and I have to say I'm not relishing the thought. I LIKE having my kids around! Anyway, my procrastinating son got most of his things ready at around midnight last night. He goes today, my daughter goes Sunday. Where does the time go?

Jim obviously has the current events thing well in hand here. I just wanted to throw in something I was just reading about....

In covering the 2008 presidential campaign, the network morning news shows are "overwhelmingly focused on Democrats, [and] they are actively promoting the Democrats' liberal agenda," according to a study released today by the conservative Media Research Center (MRC).

The study examined 517 campaign segments on the morning news shows broadcast on ABC, CBS and NBC in the first seven months of 2007. It found that the shows covered Democrats "nearly twice as much" as Republicans and framed interview questions from a liberal perspective most of the time.

Wow...shocking, isn't it? Kind of on the order of "Hillary is a liberal" or "Ted Kennedy is a sot."