Thursday, September 06, 2007

Here's What Happens...

...when a Democrat dares tell the truth, when that truth breaks from the surrender crowd's wishes. Democrat Representative Brian Baird, an adamant critic of the war, made a trip to Iraq and came back with a different outlook, as has happened to many war critics. They plainly see that the surge is working, and come back recommending that we give our troops the time and support they need to finish the job.

This is the kind of reception Baird got from his "loyal" constituents. Now he can see first-hand what idiots his allies on the Left are. They are not interested in hearing the truth. They are only interested in hearing that America is losing and we should cut and run...thereby satisfying their psychotic hatred of President Bush and their country. This has happened over and over and over...are there ANY sane Democrats left in the country? And if so, why are they still Democrats?

UPDATE: Even Katie Couric has to admit it.