Sunday, September 16, 2007

What a Contrast!

Michelle Malkin has some commentary and pictures over at her blog on the anti-America protestors and the Gathering of Eagles pro-America people. She was there and saw first-hand the difference between the two groups.

No matter what they call themselves, this is really about pro-America versus anti-America...those who love their country and those who hate it. It's a sad thing, really. Look at some of the pictures of the America haters, I mean, one guy has long white hair. So many of them are middle age and should have shaken off the effects of their habits in the 60s by now...but they haven't. Once you hate your country, I guess it never goes away.

One other thing in the same vein, LGF has a link to a Daily Kos diary that will make you lose your breakfast. There is actually a guy in there who keeps calling the way Hillary called Petraeus a liar "classy." Hillary Clinton, classy? There's a couple of things you shouldn't see in the same sentence.

If you've ever had the misfortune of watching a rap video, I'll bet you have the same reaction I have. All I can think of are words like "stupid," "ignorant," etc. I've never been able to watch a whole rap video or listen to those guys talk...not that you can understand them, anyway. That revulsion is the same kind of revulsion I feel when I read stuff like what's in the DailyKos diary referenced above. The stupidity oozing from the mouths (or keyboards, if you will) of those idiots is just palpable. Read it for yourself.