Friday, October 26, 2007

Environmentalism Kills

While I was out running around delivering to my clients today, I was listening to Rush's show, which is today being hosted by Jason Lewis. He was making some very good points about how dangerous extreme environmentalism is. For example, the wildfires in California right now. One reason they are so out of control is the lack of thinning and the underbrush, which the environmentalists have been blocking the lumbar companies from clearing. That dry underbrush turns a regular fire into an inferno. Also, the CAFE standards. As Lewis was pointing out, the only way car manufacturers can make a car get 40 mph. is to make it smaller and lighter.

Do you think the wacko greenies even *care* about that? Nope. As Rush has said, the environmental movement is the new home of the anti-capitalist, anti-progress, anti-production, anti-AMERICA socialists. They want to stick it to the producers any way they can. Honestly, if Al Gore was all that fired up about the environment, he wouldn't be living in an energy-sucking mansion, flying around on fuel-guzzling jets as he lectures all of us on how we should be driving Priuses. It's a control issue. He's a liberal Democrat, which means he wants as much government control over our lives as possible.

I'll tell ya, the more they talk about global warming, the more energy I want to burn. The more they complain about SUVs, the more I want an Escalade. The more...well, you get the picture.