Friday, October 12, 2007

A Shamelessly Unsolicited Audition

I see at the top of Hugh Hewitt's site that Dean Barnett, whose material has been the meat on Double-H's blogsopheric skeleton for the past year-plus, is departing for greener pastures (that have nothing to do with Al Gore's Nobel BS prize).

Accordingly, and seeing as how, aside from which corner of the country we live in and which health problem afflicts us (hypertension rather than cistic fibrosis - comes from having children) and my complete absence of a "chowdah" accent (as any of my Blog Talk Radio listeners can attest), DB and I could be twin sons of different mothers, I feel not the slightest bit of sheepishness in making myself available to take his place as the Commodore's loyal and verbose spear-carrier.

It's a natural, Hugh. My baseball team will never conflict with yours (because mine sucks), we both detest the Pittsburgh Stealers (that's not a typo, incidentally), and after Fred Thompson wraps up the GOP presidential nomination, both our oars will be pulling in the same direction. And if, you know, Mitt Romney's "trampoline" strategy does pan out, I won't have prohibitive difficulty falling into that line, either.

Heck, I won't even bring up the name Harriet Miers.

Time to "make" another embryonic NRO columnist, Hugh. If you've got the time, I've got the keystrokes.