Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another Chink?

But of course, she didn't know....

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s campaign admitted Friday that it planted a global warming question in Newton, Iowa, Tuesday during a town hall meeting to discuss clean energy.

Clinton campaign spokesman Mo Elliethee admitted that the campaign had planted the question and said it would not happen again.

"On this occasion a member of our staff did discuss a possible question about Senator Clinton's energy plan at a forum,” Elliethee said.

“However, Senator Clinton did not know which questioners she was calling on during the event. This is not standard policy and will not be repeated again.”

Isn't it amazing how much this "brilliant" woman doesn't know about her campaign? Hsu, the dishwashers in Chinatown suddenly able to donate thousands to her campaign, now this? How much is it going to take to wake people up to this viper?