Friday, November 02, 2007

Appeasement Never Works

Well, Mr. Mukasey tried to play it safe with the Democrats, apparently he hadn't been briefed on their vicious nature. Now, my bet is that he won't be confirmed by this bunch of jackals. Geez, what a screwed up mess the Democrats are making of the whole political process. Michelle Malkin has a good roundup.

JASmius adds: I suppose it's too much to ask of Senate Dems and their GOP poodles like Sailor McCain and his stooge Lindsey "I personify conservative values!" Graham that they just write up and pass legislation banning water-boarding as "torture" - which they could have done over a year ago in their last go-round at "torture" legislation, but for inexplicable reasons did not. But no, that would put their fingerprints on denying the Bush Administration a highly effective and NON-torturous means of extracting critical intelligence information from captured jihadis, which could potentially put their fingerprints on a devastating follow-up to 9/11 that could possibly have been averted if federal authorities had been able to employ water-boarding as an interrogation method.

So instead of standing behind their lofty, idealistic rhetoric, rather than walk their talk, rather than actually riding their faux moralist hobby horse, Democrats demand that Michael Mukasey promise to do it for them as a pre-condition for confirmation as attorney-general.

Such profiles in courage. Makes me wish Mukasey would employ the patented Ron White debate technique: "You want me to ban water-boarding for you? Well [BLEEP] you!" And then he could remind them that the separation of powers also means the Executive Branch isn't supposed to rule by decree, including on issues where the congressional majority desperately wants them to.

I said this would happen. Now all the Bushies have to show for their attempt to duck "a big fight" over Alberto Gonzales' replacement is that they have a less capable nominee representing them before the Senate Judiciary star chamber.

If the President wanted to avoid a knock-down drag-out confirmation rumble, he'd have just recess-appointed Mukasey from the start. If he knows what's good for him now, he'll stop giving the Democrats any further opportunity to demogogue this "torture" nonsense and recess-appoint him now.

I mean, what's the risk in doing so? He'll make the Donks mad? Damage his poll numbers? Buhler? Buhler?