Saturday, November 24, 2007

Getting What They Paid For?

D'ya think the ChiComms have concluded who the next president of the United States is going to be?
Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton Friday slammed China for calling her criticism of made-in-China toys "slander," and urged Washington to take "immediate, decisive steps" to protect US children.

Clinton's statement came a day after China railed against her warning Tuesday of a dangerous tide of Chinese-made gifts, saying that "any slander or exaggeration of facts is irresponsible."
That, by the way, is the only inkling that Beijing's contribution to this dispute. Besides, you know, all those cheap, hazardous trinkets that have become as much a Red Chinese trademark as the ongoing mass murders perpetrated by its plutommunist regime. And, of course, their purchase of critical military technology from her husband's administration during his re-election campaign eleven years ago. Just wall to wall Hillaryizing. And this wasn't even an AP wire story, either. Gosh, the next nine years are going to be fun.

Still, that was money well-spent, shaving decades off of the PLA time table for its preparations for a global showdown with the United States. Enduring the nannyistic scolding of the woman who will be forced to deliver our surrender (before probably being beheaded by Beijing's Islamist allies) - what constitutes "bringing out the big guns" in lib-speak - is just a cost of "doing business".

UPDATE: Ever wonder why Mrs. Clinton didn't have something to say about this? I don't. Snubbing the U.S. military is a venerable, hallowed Clintonoid pasttime. Hill could no more condemn that than she could get a boob job.