Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hillary Hides More Public Documents

From the latest Washington Republican Party E-Newsletter, which may not be entirely superfluous after all:

Hillary Clinton’s penchant for secrecy and her inability to answer a direct question is finally attracting a little bit of attention from her Democrat opponents and some of the media. In fact, it’s getting hard to keep track of how many public documents Hillary Clinton is seeking to hide until after the 2008 election. Here’s the rundown so far:

First, the Clinton Presidential Library announced that it would not release public records relating to Hillary Clinton’s activities during the Bill Clinton presidency until after the 2008 election. Hillary has pretended she is a victim of Bill Clinton’s decision to keep the records secret, but no one is buying that nonsense.

Even Chris Matthews of Hardball couldn’t let Hillary get away with that charade:

"[H]er husband is the guy she is using as the number one trolley to the White House. She can't give him a call and say, hey dear, why don't you release the documents so I can brag about my record at the White House?" The truth is, there isn’t a lot to brag about and there is probably a lot to explain.

Second, the University of Arkansas (a public university) announced that copies of a report detailing Hillary Clinton’s activities during the Bill Clinton presidential campaign would not be released until after the 2008 election. This despite the fact that the University Libraries’ 2005-06 Annual Report indicated the "processing" of the report was "nearing completion."

And now the Central Arkansas Library System (a public library in Little Rock) has announced that all of Hillary Clinton’s records as First Lady of Arkansas are locked down until after the 2008 election. The most recent of these documents are fifteen years old, but still Hillary has them in a deep freeze.

There are probably some very good reasons that all these public documents are in a Clinton Lockdown. It’s unlikely that they paint a flattering picture of Hillary Clinton, and they probably reveal the left-wing perspective she brings to nearly every issue. We’ll continue to shine a light on the secrecy of the Clintons, and we look forward to our Republican candidates turning up the heat on Hillary as the campaign progresses.

Actually, I don't think there are any good reasons why all these public documents have been squirreled away until after her Nib's coronation. The American public got numb to the Clinton scandal machine years and years and years ago; Hillary has been a national figure for a decade and a half. Voters who were politically aware then know what she is, and younger voters know it via reputation. At worst, public opinion about her is already at its floor; more likely, given that she's a Clinton (until about thirty seconds after her GOP opponent concedes {at gunpoint} next November, anyway), the documents her minions are going to such pains and lengths to hide wouldn't matter, or might even boost her standing in the polls.

I have no problem with "turning up the heat" on the Empress-in-waiting. I just hope that Pachyderms remember that dragons are, after all, acclimated to it.