Monday, November 05, 2007

Tony Snow Rocks

Got that title from Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs, who linked to Newsbusters, who got the story from Free Republic. It's obvious why this isn't getting any play in the media.

Tony Snow received a Freedom of Speech award from The Media Institute on Oct. 16. The speech he gave about the media is spot on, which is why we haven't heard anything about it. Tony does have a way with words! Here are a few excerpts:

The major media organs in this country have become purveyors of conventional wisdom— generally, conventional liberal wisdom.

The Roper Organization conducted a poll after the 1992 election and discovered that 93% of Washington political reporters voted for Bill Clinton. Only 2% identified themselves as “conservative.”

Subsequent surveys have indicated a similar spread in party affiliation, which makes the Washington Press Corps the most reliable Democratic voting bloc in the nation.

I hope they didn't "out" that 2%. We may never hear from them again if word gets out.

And what about conventional wisdom? For months, the media avoided asking about progress in Iraq. Despite repeated reports from the field that Iraqis had turned against al Qaeda, the news seldom made it into newspapers, and almost never on front pages. Last week, the military reported that civilian deaths in Iraq had hit their lowest point since 2003. U.S. and Iraqi deaths and casualties similarly had declined. So what led the paper the next morning? Stories about Blackwater. The statistics that put the war in perspective were relegated to the back pages of the Washington Post and in some publications, to oblivion.

Amen. Their obvious bias has never been more clear than in their coverage of this war. Their refusal to report on the positives that are happening since the surge, and there are many, shows which side they're on. It's a sad thing when our press cares more about advancing the Democrats than reporting the news.

Read the whole thing. Tony Snow is a gem, and I wish him well in all of his future endeavors, and of course with his health. God bless you, Tony.