Friday, December 14, 2007

Wishful Thinking

Well, I'd love to believe this, but...

Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign is teetering on the brink, no matter what the meaningless national horserace numbers say. The notion that she has a post-Iowa “firewall” in New Hampshire is a fantasy, and she is in danger of losing all four early contests, including Nevada and South Carolina – probably to Senator Barack Obama, who is now, in momentum terms, the Democratic frontrunner.

Although I don't think Mrs. Clinton is as much of a sure thing as my esteemed co-blogger does, I DO believe she will win the nomination. Don't get me wrong...I'd love to see her lose. I frankly think Obama would be relatively easy to beat. But...the Clintons do not go down Howard Fineman is hardly a reliable source. This is probably a case of them lowering expectations so that when she does win they can crow about her "overcoming adversity" or some such rot.

Geez, I'm getting cynical...

JASmius adds: "The Return Of The Comeback Kid", anyone?

By the way, though, if it Fineman turns out to be right and the Generalissimo does pass the Empress, get ready for a playing of the race card like you've never seen before. The GOP will be cast as the Klan on a nation-wide night ride for even fielding a general election candidate, and anything less than an Obama landslide will result in the Left denouncing America as hopelessly, irredeemably, and viciously racist. Which, of course, would get the next Republican administration off to precisely the start that its predecessor just finished.

Fredophobia, anyone....?