Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Uncle" Saddam?

Well, you knew that the Extreme Media, rabidly desperate to do anything to harm the war effort, would do its best to "humanize" Saddam Hussein to try and convince the American public to question why we ever went to war against the "harmless," Cheeto-loving old duffer in the first place.

But Haider Ajina, an Iraqi-American emailer to Powerline, is still justifiably and understandably bewildered at the spectacle:

Recently most of the mainstream media have been promoting a human side to Saddam. Poor old Uncle Saddam, as it were. If this goes on we will soon forget what this man has done. We must not forget the evil this man is and what he has done, lest we wish history to repeat itself.

Saddam Hussein has not a thread of humanity in him. Every act of his is cold and calculated with an end purpose in mind. That purpose being self-preservation and self-indulgence at the cost of all others and at what ever means possible. Saddam has been a thug since his teenage years. He was implicated and later convicted of attempting to assassinate Iraqi prime minister Abdel-Karim Qassem in 1958. Later he was implicated in the mysterious death of his Baathist predecessor Bakar after Baker retired. Shortly after Saddam became president in 1979, he convened a high level Baathist meeting during which he had close allies and friends escorted out of the meeting room and shot, just for being to close to him. Saddam then proceeded to rule Iraq with an Iron fist. He gassed the Kurds, bombed the Shiites, attacked the Iranians, attacked the Kuwaitis, sponsored terrorist camps, financed terrorists, (one of his personal body guards trained in Afghanistan at an Al Qaeda camp), murdered over 1 million Iraqis, maimed, tortured and raped many more for political reasons, orphaned his grandchildren. The list goes on and on.

I ask you are the above acts those of a human being?

Saddam is evil personified: a thug, a mass murderer, a rapist, a torturer. He is not a poor old man stuck in isolation, nor does he deserve any sympathy for his current condition. We must never forget what this man and others of his ilk have done to humanity, unless we wish it to happen again and again.

Well, Mr. Ajina, you know that, and I know that, but the only thing that matters to the American left is that Saddam Hussein is (despite his recent comically phony attempts at "reconcilation") an enemy of George W. Bush. And, to borrow one of Winston Churchill's famous quotes, "If George W. Bush invaded hell, the American left would have to at least make favorable mention of the devil on the floor of the Senate."

Anybody care to place bets on the chances of Saddam's eventual acquittal? By the time the Extreme Media is done rehabilitating him, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood might have found its new host.