Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Baghdad Jane

If this isn't enough to make you lose your breakfast, I don't know what is:

Actress and activist Jane Fonda says she intends to take a cross-ountry bus tour to call for an end to U.S. military operations in Iraq. "I can't go into any detail except to say that it's going to be pretty exciting," she said. Fonda said her anti-war tour in March will use a bus that runs on "vegetable oil." She will be joined by families of Iraq war veterans and her daughter.

They plan to return to the Santa Fe area, where she was promoting her book, My Life So Far on Saturday. Prompted by a question from the audience, Fonda said war veterans that she has met on a nationwide book tour have encouraged her to break her silence on the Iraq war.

"I've decided I'm coming out," she said.

"Coming out?" Like there was any doubt where she stands on anything having to do with the military? And aren't you just SURE there were scads of war veterans *begging* her to come out against the Iraq war?

More from Baghdad Jane:

Hundreds of people in the audience cheered loudly when Fonda announced her intentions to join the anti-Iraq war movement.

"I have not taken a stand on any war since Vietnam," she said. "I carry a lot of baggage from that."

Ya think?

Fonda incited controversy in July 1972 when she was photographed sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun while on a tour of the country to drum up support to end the war.

Maybe she can score a picture with Osama this time.

JAS ADDS:...this from Jed Babbin today:

It may have been inevitable, but now it's true: Hanoi Jane is launching the most awful comeback since Burt Reynolds decided to play Boss Hogg [ouch!]. And where once stood the svelte Hanoi Jane, we shall now gaze upon the nipped-and-tucked Baghdad Barbarella.

Kinda gives "On Golden Pond" a whole new twist, doesn't it?