Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Give Them Liberalism Or Give Them Death!

After reciting a litany of news about heavy layoffs and massive losses in the newspaper industry, Brother Hinderaker asks a devastating rhetorical question:

As life-long newspaper junkies, we take no pleasure in the industry's current crisis. Apart from anything else, we web-based commenators need newspapers to produce the raw material for our commentary. But my sympathy for the Times, the Globe, the Chronicle, et al. is tempered by the knowledge that there is a path to solvency, which I think would likely succeed, but that they would never consider: stop being so liberal. Wouldn't you think that with newspapers nearly everywhere sliding inexorably downhill, just one might consider whether its readers - or former readers - were trying to tell it something? Like, we're not interested in supporting far-left nonsense?

But no. They would rather go broke than abandon their reason for being, which is, with only a handful of exceptions, promoting the Democratic Party.

Sounds like the same thread running through Dirty Harry's anti-John Roberts floor speech today and Dr. Demented's fantasy that a headlong plunge toward not-so-crypto Marxism will "save" the Democrat Party. So ascendant is the hard-left in their ranks, so tight is their top-to-bottom deathgrip that they will either steamroll back to power (as they've convinced themselves) or politically self-destruct like a warp core breach.

Personally, I look forward to the latter, and its media equivalent. I wouldn't call myself a newspaper "junkie," but a world without the New York Times, the Washington Post, the L.A. Times, etc. would be a much healthier, happier, reality-based place.

Who knows, perhaps the Democrat Party would have no choice then but to excommunicate the Moore-ons and NARALites and watermelon brigadiers and return to the American mainstream.

Catastrophic failure is the one thing libs have yet to suffer. Until they do they, whether in media or government or "activism," they'll continue to squat, suspended between a majority status they cannot reach and the total defeat that alone can puncture their comforting "We was robbed!" self-delusion.