Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Chucky's Plumbers

The Limbaugh Letter has finally caught up to where the blogosphere was two months ago vis-a-vie Chuckaquiddick:

Rush Limbaugh calls them "Schumer’s Plumbers” – two Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee staffers who worked for Senator Chuck Schumer and are now accused of illegally obtaining the credit report of a Republican candidate for the Senate.

The two staffers have resigned, and Senator Schumer – chairman of the DSCC – denies any involvement.
Of course he is - because he's not being accused of it by a rabid, frothing, hostile press establishment. If Chucky were a Republican, he'd have been driven from office already, or at the very least be under the kind of withering siege with which Karl Rove became so intimately familiar. And, of course, his denials would earn him denunciations as a "liar" to go along with the pre-canned vilification of being a "racist" for pulling dirty tricks on an African-American senate candidate.

But Chucky isn't a Republican. So he gets a free pass, to the extent that not a single press outlet even questions that the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee is picking up the tab for his plumbers' legal fees:

But "he has not abandoned his dirt-diggers,”....and is paying "for Barge and Weiner’s attorney William Lawler III – the Democrat-infamy lawyer who represented ex-Governor Jim McGreevey (D-NJ) during his 2004 sex scandal.

"And the anti-Steele mud is still being slung.”
"Mud" is the euphemism of the year.

There is one other prominent difference between Watergate and Chuckaquiddick: the former was a failed burglary; the latter was successful - until they, too, got caught.

I guess we'll just have to settle for Michael Steele becoming the next U.S. Senator from Maryland.