Saturday, March 04, 2006


Or, as five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T likes to say, "Tell me I didn't just see that!"

*Osama bin Laden wants to blow up the Saudi oil fields that he has always considered his birthright and crown jewel of his promised global Caliphate. Maybe the war isn't going as well for him as American lefties are trying to portray.

*Iranian loose cannon Adolph Ahmadinejad is now a self-proclaimed nuclear non-proliferator, adding to his protestations of no nuclear weapons ambitions the high-minded call for the United States to give up its nuclear arsenal, which he called a "threat to regional stability." Only question now is why Democrat leaders haven't held a press conference hailing Ahmadinejad's arms control initiative and attacking President Bush for not immediately accepting the Iranian leader's gracious offer, as Jimmy Carter surely would have.

*A major foreign policy scandal has erupted in Germany. What is its catalyst, you ask? Is it German complicity in WMD proliferation in the Middle East? Former Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder's shrill anti-Americanism or his taking a job with a Russian oil company after his ouster from office last year?

Bzzzzzt. Wrong. German intelligence provided the U.S.-led Coalition with vital information on Saddam Hussein's plans for the defense of Baghdad. The German people are pissed that their government acted like a...well, ally of the United States. Looks like proximity to France has irredeemably corrupted them. (h/t CQ)

*The Democrats may have reached such desperate straits that they might be willing to embrace isolationism AND nativism - which would mean heaving overboard their cherished, quasi-deified multiculturalism - in order to regain some semblance of national security credibility that could propel them back to power.

After which they would immediately revert to their true core squishy, quisling beliefs. But they're hoping we've forgotten that particular tendency, even though it led to the 1994 GOP landslide. Which has the potential of turning George Santayana's grave into the world's first perpetual motion machine.

*150 high school students in Aurora, Colorado walked out of class to protest the suspension of one of their history/social studies teachers. For what was he suspended? Comparing President Bush unfavorably to Adolph Hitler - without providing equal time for rebuttal! Like so beyond-the-pale a slur was a legitimate viewpoint to inject into an American public school classroom at all.

The teacher, Jay Bennish, should have been fired on the spot; instead, he'll just sit home on paid leave until the PR storm blows over, then return to a hero's welcome from his ethically poisoned students. Additional vacation time the teachers' union didn't get for him. Yeah, that's punishment, alright.

*Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) chose party over philosophy in 2004 by backing his fellow Keystoner "Snarlin' Arlen" Specter in his primary election showdown against true-blue conservative Congressman Pat Toomey. On the strength of that support Specter narrowly got by Toomey and went on to easy re-election to another six years of flipping the GOP base the bird.

And how have RINOs repaid Santorum for his loyal party-guy selflessness? By running thinly-veiled attack ads against him with the gallingly audacious call for "Real Republican Candidates for Senate" to replace Santorum on the general election ballot.

The double take here is that this stunt by "Republican Majority For Choice" was so outrageous - and mortifying to Specter, who sits on the board of directors of RMFC - that he actually came to Senator Santorum's defense:

I have just learned that the Republican Majority for Choice (RMC) is placing ads in many Pennsylvania newspapers calling for "help wanted" on recruiting "real Republican candidates for Senate." While not mentioning Senator Santorum, these ads are being interpreted as an attack on his candidacy.

I strongly oppose these advertisements. The Big Tent is big enough to include both Rick Santorum and Arlen Specter. The RMC ought not to be in the business of electing Democrats to the United States Senate.

Without Senator Santorum's support, I would not have won the 2004 Republican primary. As I believe the RMC knows, I've repeatedly said that Senator Santorum's reelection is my top priority in 2006.

I call on the RMC to repudiate and renounce any effort to defeat Senator Santorum.

I will withhold my decision on whether to resign from the RMC's advisory board until I see what further action RMC takes on this matter.
You know the RINOs have gone too far when Arlen starts "snarlin'" in the right direction for a change.