Saturday, March 04, 2006

Slumbering Justice

I saw the story on Justice Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg nodding off during oral arguments of the Texas redistricting case earlier this week. I was also, like many others in the center-right blogosphere, utterly unsurprised that it went completely unmentioned in the Extreme press, as it most definitely would not have been had the napping Olympian been Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, or Samuel Alito. I didn't post on it because (1) of my mercy and lovingkindness and (2) I had an awful week that was, professionally, the worst I've had in over a dozen years, and frankly didn't feel like doing anything that didn't involve the enactment of dark, dark brooding thoughts.

But if I'd seen this pic....

....I think I would have made an exception.

It's like something off the Daily Show, dontcha think?

[H/T: Fox News via Powerline]