Friday, March 24, 2006

Taliban Lite

The next time I hear somebody call Islam a "religion of peace," I'm going to point them to this column at Michelle Malkin's blog. It is difficult to understand how so many people can be so barbaric, but the more light that is shed on Muslim beliefs, the more obvious it becomes that these people are *nuts*. The silence of Muslim leaders all over the world is very telling, too. The lunatic in this article who is calling for the people to "pull this man to pieces" if he is released, is considered a MODERATE in the Muslim world. This story is getting very little coverage in the mainstream media.

Liberals are something, aren't they? They claim to be afraid of the "fundies," afraid that we're going to create a theocracy and ruin the country, but nary a word do you hear about the Muslim fanatics who kill simply because others have different beliefs than they do. Why is the Left so quick to come to the defense of people who murder in the name of God?