Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Watermelon Brigade Rides On

Here are a couple of entertaining greenstremist foibles.

*Apparently, off-shore oil rigs aren't so environmentally harmful after all:

Marine biologist Milton Love drives a hybrid car, displays a banner of left-wing revolutionary Che Guevara on his laboratory wall - and has backing from Big Oil.

The reason: his finding that oil platforms off California's central coast are a haven for species of fish whose numbers have been dramatically reduced by overfishing.

That is good news to oil executives, who are looking for reasons not to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to remove the platforms once the crude stops flowing.

Environmentalists say oil companies are simply trying to escape their obligations.
This just goes to show that logic and karma are not necessarily fellow-travelers. Also that environuts are sore losers.

Here's where the karma comes in, BTW:

President Vicente Fox climbed aboard a drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico yesterday to formally announce a new deep water oil discovery that he said could eventually yield about ten billion barrels of crude oil. This is the mother lode. It's even bigger than the main field that they have now with offshore Cantarell Mexico. Luis Ramirez, chief executive of Mexico's government-run monopoly on oil, said that this is the fourth deep-water well explored by their government-run monopoly, and they're 3,000 feet down. They've got to go 13,000 feet, and they're going to get there. I really am curious about this. We talk about security, we talk about independence, we talk about all kinds of things. How is it that the Mexicans can be drilling all over the Gulf of Mexico for oil and we can't?

Where is the outcry? This is supposed to upset people. Seems they're not dogged by the same environmentalist wackos that we are. They're not dogged by a bunch of legislators that cower in fear every time some environmentalist wacko pops up to oppose something.

Where are the greenies on this horrible rape of mother Earth? Well, for starters, not in Mexico.

Where is the outcry? Beats me. Maybe it's because Mexico's oil industry is nationalized, and, being good Marxists, environmentalists can't attack a government-owned entity under any circumstances.

But boy, can you imagine this ribbon-cutting ceremony being off the coast of Texas with President Bush officiating, complete with hard hat?

Hey, maybe this is what it would have taken to motivate Al Gore to launch an overseas invasion - "Operation Mexican Freedom." Teach those contaminadores to despoil any patch of his planet or contribute one erg to heating it up.

One more reason amongst a panaply of them to thank God profusely that that crowd isn't running the show.

At least not officially. Get back to me when we start drilling in ANWR.