Friday, April 07, 2006


As I observed last weekend, the trend amongst America's enemies, both foreign and domestic, toward unabashed, brazen extremism continues at a breakneck, runaway pace. Not only are some Democrats openly seditious in demanding that we quit Iraq, and illegal aliens taking to streets they don't own to demand their nationality and a living from a country they treat with abject contempt, but the good burghers of Hamastan are upping their ante as well:

Hamas's prime minister-designate, Ismail Haniyeh, told parliament that the new government, expected to win a vote of confidence on Tuesday or Wednesday, would be ready for a dialogue with the "Quartet" of mediating powers. ...

"Our government will be ready for a dialogue with the Quartet ... to look into all ways to end the status of struggle and to achieve calm in the region.

"Our people are in need more than any other nation on earth for peace, for security and stability. Our government will not spare any effort to achieve a just peace in the region."

But Haniyeh showed no sign of agreeing to demands by Western powers and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that it commit to negotiations with Israel.

Sounds like another Munich to me. As in September 1938, with "the Quartet" in the roles of Neville Chamberlain and Eduard Dalladier, Hamas in the role of Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini, and Israel in the role of Czechoslovakia. The Jews shunted to the sidelines as their would-be genociders dictate terms of another Holocaust to their pliant, appeasenik, quasi-mercenary "sponsors."

This is cheek on a monumental scale. But "Prime Minister" Haniyeh is obviously serious about this and truly expects not just that we should comply with Hamas' demands, but that we will. And the thing is, three of the "Quartet" - Russia, Europe, and the UN - undoubtedly will knuckle under; and the fourth, the Bush Administration, is probably fifty-fifty either way.

Judging by how the desultory recent Israeli election didn't include a victory option, even the Jews may be ready to be herded back into the more-than-figurative gas chambers. When even Victor Davis Hanson has to labor to tout Israel's martial spirit (much less the West's), things look pretty bleak indeed.

Could the False Prophet be ready for his cue? And will the longest-running theater of the "war on terror" ever be acknowledged as such?