Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Fair Question

We'll make our next visit to the Battle of Lebanon later today, but for now Hugh Hewitt asks a very salient question:

[T]he House joined the Senate in passing resolutions in support of Israel this week, and both actions were welcome reminders of where America stands. Now what about money? And arms?

Seems like that's the least we can do for what is arguably our only full-fledged ally in the GWOT.

Double-H also takes note of the self-evident anti-Semites in the House Dem caucus who voted "nay" on the Israel support resolution, including quite a few Donks who would become committee chairmen if voters lost their minds in November. Just one more reason why that must not happen, and for far more than just the Jews' sake.

EVENING UPDATE: My apologies for not following through on the above promise, but it reached a hundred degrees today, it just has not cooled down since sunset, and my home machine will overheat within two paragraphs if I try to bulldoze ahead anyway.

MORNING UPDATE: Still hasn't cooled down. Gotta pay a few bills and then shut down again. Will resume from my office, where there's honest-to-God air conditioning.

ACTUAL TOPICAL UPDATE: The Bush Administration is answering the lend-lease call (via CQ).