Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Comments From The Dark Side

I was reading over at Free Republic, where they run Dummie FUnnies and also some comments from Daily Kos, just to keep people abreast of what our liberal foes are saying. These are actual comments from posters on those two sites:

"Should religion be outlawed as it seems to be at the epicenter of most of the worlds strife. What exactly is the purpose of it. If it is so good why so much bad comes of it. "

"Not outlawed but tightly regulated"

"1. no minor should be allowed to possess a religious text, participate in a religious ritual or enter a church
2. no adult should be allowed to possess a religious text without taking a course in comparative world religion at the first year university level, and all such courses should be taught by Unitarians or Atheists. "

"I'm also a practicing High Church Anglican, although it would be more proper to call me a Neo-Platonist, (for example, I do not literally believe in the actual divinity of Christ, but I do believe in the metaphorical divinity of the philosophy of Christ: the difference between the two positions, to me, is reasonably immaterial. Neither do I believe that "god" exists in the way that say your dining room table exists or is conscious even in the way that your pet is conscious). My parents were and still are strict Atheists and until I was 18, I never set foot in a church. I think that religion is something that you have to rationally approach and study. It has to be something that is voluntary. To force it on a child is a crime. My children, for example, have never been to a church and were not baptized. If it's something for them, it'll be their decision. "

To be fair, there were maybe one or two posters who took exception to this line of thought, but far and away the majority agreed.

In another thread, regarding Fidel Castro:

"Mr Castro is a revered revolutionary hero to most Cubans in Cuba. Sorta like Cuba's living George Washington."

"I am sure Otto Reich is having multiple orgasms. They are all far rightwing Republicans that want to impose their extremely intolerant religious views on Cuba. "

"My best wishes to Fidel. I sure know that if I had a hurricane headed my way, I would rather Fidel be the leader than Bush. "

"Fidel Castro hates the fact that the United States detains and tortures individuals on what he considers his land, Guantanamo. "

"Cuba has a better human rights record than we do right now. Fidel Castro hates having detainees at Guantanamo. "

Again, there were one or two dissenters, but very few. Never forget...these are the people who want to take back the House and Senate in November. These are the people who believe they should be in power, the people who are sending money to Democrats, the people who would be in charge of our NATIONAL SECURITY. Do not forget that next time you're thinking about "sitting out" an election and pouting.