Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm Baaaack!

Hello everyone! Been out of town for a couple of days for one of my daughter's Irish dance competitions. Sorry to see that Jim's out of commission...get a new one, Jim! :-)

I have to say, it was nice to take a couple of days away from the news. I didn't even take my laptop with me. Just got to the hotel, had a nice dinner, went shopping, and went to the competition the next day. No news reports, no radio, no online headlines. Nice vacation. I am, back to the ugly reality that there are liberal Democrats in the world. I was reading through the DUmmie FUnnies over at Free Republic, and got a lot of anti-Semitism from the Huffington Post, referred to by P.J. Comix as the Huffbollah Post. You'll see why below. They were going on and on about the ad signed by several celebrities regarding the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah. Read and weep (or laugh, as the case may be):

Looks like this group is under the impression that terrorism is something only organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah use to achieve their various economic, political, and social aims. Israel for the past 35 or so years utilizes "terror" tactics in its attempt to acquire more land...oops I mean "defend" itself. Before their was Hamas or Hezbollah, there was Israel, and the wars, and the UN resolutions and war crime and human rights violations that Israel (thanks to its patron the US) has never had to account for...

Again, the situation in the Middle East is not caused by these groups Kidman and others have scapegoated any more than it is helped by them.

Oh, by the way Western Imperialism and their elite clients in the Middle East is probabably the most potent root to the turmoil and hate we see now...

This group along with most of the press, intellectuals, and the average citizens in the US really would do well to education themselves beyond Israeli PR that predominates their TVs....

You can't make this stuff up.

Hollywood is chock full of Zionist sympathizers who are just as responsible for the henious acts committed by te terrorist nation they wholeheartedly support - namely ISRAEL - the mother of all terrorist nations. Nicole Kidman is in bed with Rupert Murdoch, Arch Zionist supporter and propaganda news cheif du jour. She doesn't have a clue as to the serious threat posed to the US citizenry by the US Zionist Occupied Government, nor does she care. Why should she when Rupert's her homeboy? She worse than Ava Braun.

And they gave Mel Gibson a hard time?

US support for Israel PRIMARY MOTIVATION for tragic attacks on the World Trade Center in 1993 and on 9/11:

Yep, it was our own fault.

I believe, as most of the world, that Hamas and Hezbolla are political organizations rather than terrorist. My name would be on this advertisement if Hamas and Hezbolla were replaced with Israel and United States?

That one needs no comment.

Why is everyone afraid to point a finger at Israel? They are terrorist number 2, right after the US. I thought lefty actors were all well and fine, but this smacks to me of uninformed pandering to Jewish entertainment execs... does it stink to anyone else? Nice work Nicole - way to paint a picture with a brush the size of your Land Rover.

This is just a few of the anti-America pro-terrorist comments at HP. DailyKos and the Democratic Underground are just as full of comments just like these. Again I remind you...these are the people who want to be in charge of our national security. If that doesn't scare you, nothing will.