Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Nice, ominous title, huh? It was a really long, in-depth, well researched and deeply thoughtful and philosophical post, too. All about the war against Islamic Fundamentalism and whether we're capable of doing what it takes to win as our fathers and grandfathers did World War II, the dire consequences if we do not, and why it is moral to do whatever is necessary for victory because of what we stand for versus what the jihadis represent.

Unfortunately the Blogger server crashed on me in a way I've never seen before, reverting to the log-in screen and, in the process, wiping out what it took me over three hours to compose. A double waste because I was going to follow it up with an update on the Battle of Lebanon, and how the Israelis appear to have had a plan all along and the steely resolve to see it through that we are sorely lacking in the wider war.

That one'll have to wait for tomorrow. As for "Unthinkabilities," it has now become "unrecoverable" and "unpostable," and another evening has been squandered on another infuriating glitch.

Thanks a heap, Blogger.