Friday, December 01, 2006

Horse's Patoot

Apparently, Jim Webb is a bit of an ass. It's bad enough to refuse to be photographed with the President after accepting a dinner invitation from him. But then to show even more disrespect when Bush was just asking about his son, and THEN go to the press and say you wanted to slug What a pompous ass. Apparently Webb is trying to make a name for himself, but I'm not sure he wants the name he is displaying. I had high hopes that he might be a voice of reason on the Democrat side, but I guess those hopes were unfounded. What was that about the Democrats wanting to "get along," etc.? Well, WE all knew that was a bunch of dung, but you would at least think they would still be trying to fake the people out for a little longer.

JASmius adds: Jim Webb ran one of the dirtiest campaigns in American political history - and it worked. Why on Earth should he suddenly morph into a "voice of reason" now? Why should any Democrat do so? Their six years of detestable, seditious caterwauling were finally rewarded with power. And they're going to use that power to so gut the democratic process and entrench themselves beyond the possibility of ever losing it again that cowardly, detestable antics such as those of the junior senator from Virginia will be just the beginning.

Winter has arrived. We'd best prepare as well as we can by abandoning groundless solace-seeking and bracing ourselves for the long, bitter harvest to come.

Jennifer replies: I think you're giving the Democrats a little too much credit here. I don't think they're going to be able to accomplish the complete annihilation of our Republic in two years. We ousted them for 12 years, we can do it again. How, you ask? Welllll...I haven't figured that out yet....[g]