Saturday, December 23, 2006

Prayer Last Hope?

If you ever doubted where the Democrats' loyalty lies, take a look at this from DailyKos regarding the letter from al-Zawahiri referenced by Jim below:

What I find remarkable is al-Zawahiri's insight into American politics. He understands the last election was about George Bush's war. He understands that we are Americans first and that party affiliation is, where foreign policy is concerned, less relevant. He warns all Americans that we share the responsibility as a country for allowing George Bush to occupy Iraq, and ignore the plight of the Palestinians. The warnings are strong, and the analysis is quite accurate.

The idiot who posted this tries to say that al-Zawahiri's remarks to Republicans are just as damning, but he misses the point, as do most far left wackos. The bottom line is al-Zawahiri knew that with Republicans in power his jihad would not succeed, but NOW they have a chance. He knows the Democrats will not fight him as the Republicans have.

I'm trying not to have a terribly dim outlook on our future, but sometimes it's difficult not to. I'm every bit as pissed off at the American voters who put these seditious buttholes in power as Jim is, but I'm hoping that there are enough conservatives left in the country, and hopefully in the Congress, to stem the liberal tide that threatens to drown America.

JASmius adds: I'm not angry at the voters - other, perhaps, than those myopic tighty-righties who stayed home or voted Donk out of moronic spite. There were a lot of razor-thin defeats - enough on the Senate side, at the very least, to have kept the GOP in control with full center-right participation.

I'm more accurately describable as resigned. What can we do, after all? At minimum we've provided al Qaeda and Hezbollah and Syria and the Iranian mullahgarchy and Kim jong-Il and the ChiComms and Hugo Chavez (We DO have a lot of enemies, you know, and did long before George W. Bush came along) with a two-year respite. And contrary to what President Nixon once said (in what is in several harrowing ways a vastly different age), the Democrats can screw up a great deal in just a couple of years, much less four - hell, it was only five months from their crushing post-Watergate midterm victory in 1974 to the fall of Saigon; I can easily see Baghdad falling to the jihadis that quickly, if the Dems defund the war effort as quickly as expected. And I can see them celebrating the "outbreak of peace in the Middle East" and using that as the crown jewel in their 2008 campaign. Unless al Qaeda hits us at home again, in which case they'll blame George W. Bush and "his" invasion of Iraq. And after last month's midterms, I have no reason to believe that the voters wouldn't swallow it hook, line, and sinker again.

Can the President turn this around? Probably not. If he wasn't a lame duck before, he is now. He's suffering the consequences of his foolish decision to fight half a war and leave Syria and Iran undefeated and untouched. The window of opportunity for him to do that, even if he belatedly decided to do so now, has long since closed. More likely that would just add fuel to the impeachment fire and perhaps even frighten sixteen Senate 'Pubbies into defecting and voting to put Nancy Pelosi in the White House.

GDub's lack of decisiveness has already discredited the war effort; picking up that dropped baton would perhaps discredit the very notion of national defense itself.

Should the American people know better? Yes, they should. But they should have known better six and a half weeks ago as well. They should also have known better in 1992 and 1996 when they elected the man that denuded our defenses, fed jihadi ambitions, and rolled out the red (pun intended) carpet for 9/11. But they didn't. And now the political pendulum is swinging back in that wrong direction.

That doesn't make me angry at the voters. It just convinces me beyond any doubt that we cannot rely upon the people to make mature, sensible, rational electoral decisions. And that means Republicans have to get as loud and shrill and partisan as the Democrats have been the past six years if that pendulum is ever to be dragged back towards sanity in time to avert disaster.

Even if GOPers had it in them, which they don't, I think it's going to take an American city going up in a mushroom cloud or shrouded in a nerve gas fog to get the public's attention again.

And when that happens, those who voted Donk will....

Well, you know what Montgomery Scott once said: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."