Wednesday, December 20, 2006

War Is The Only Answer

They say that the practical manifestation of insanity is to try a failed strategy over and over and over again in the hopes that through sheer repetition it will work.

By that measure, outgoing Earth ruler Kofi Annan is the epitome of loony-tunes:

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, in a farewell news conference, urged the Security Council Tuesday to push for a negotiated end to the Iranian nuclear crisis, saying military action would be a disaster.

"I believe that the council, which is discussing the issue, will proceed cautiously and try and do whatever it can to get a negotiated settlement for the sake of the region and for the sake of the world," Annan said.
The only end negotiations with Iran can produce is Israel destroyed, America crippled, and the world in atomic chaos. Years and years of negotiations have produced nothing aside from the mullahs being much, much closer to possessing nuclear weapons. They don't want to negotiate, will not do so in good faith, because they have no intention of giving up their nuclear ambitions. They just play along because it buys them more and more time with which to gain that which will thereafter free them of the need to indulge the foolishness of the dhimmized "international community."

In short, Annan has it 180 degreees backwards - more negotiations will lead to disaster, and only military action can hope to prevent it.

Iraq is the proof of the efficacy of military action and the quagmire that can result when it is not decisively employed. Naturally, Annan drew the diametrically wrong lesson instead:

Annan, who turns the U.N. leadership over to South Korean Ban Ki-moon on January 1st, said he saw the failure to prevent the Iraq war as the worst moment of his ten years as U.N. leader.

"And I really did everything I can to try to see if we can stop it," he said of the invasion, which led to a series of later clashes with the Bush Administration over the appropriate role of the United Nations.

Pity nobody asked King Kofi whether or not he thought it was a good thing that Saddam Hussein is sitting in a jail cell awaiting execution for war crimes instead of in one of his palaces building nuclear weapons as feverishly as his Persian neighbors. That is, after all, what he is lamenting, which in turn throws a sinister context over his efforts to protect the mullahgarchy from any serious consequences for the genocidal havoc they are about to unleash.

The larger lesson to be learned - and which nobody has been willing to acknowledge, not even the Bushies - is that there is no separate, standalone "Iraq war." There is only the global war against Islamic Fundamentalism, of which Iraq is but one theatre of operations - and which needs several more theatres opened up if it is ever to be fought to a victorious conclusion.

Three years ago there was a window of opportunity to do so without having to go through another 9/11 or worse. Now?

Well, who won the mid-term elections?

Talk about the harbinger of disasters to come.