Sunday, December 17, 2006

This 'n That

Went Christmas shopping yesterday in Indianapolis with my kids. If the crowd was any measure, our economy is doing just fine. Washington Square Mall was absolutely packed! Crowds don't bother me, though, we had a great time and got quite a bit of shopping done. Hard to believe that Christmas is only a week away. I love this time of year. Had a great service at church this morning, a reminder of "The Reason For The Season."

I was reading over at Powerline just now, unfortunately, because it certainly replaced some of my good Christmas feeling with anger and disgust. Time Magazine's year end issue features an interview, more like a propaganda show, with none other than Mahmoud Ahmandinejad. Why our media keeps giving this madman opportunities to spread his poison is beyond me. Because they like it, I guess, and even agree with him that we're the bad guys.

Finally, I see that Bill O'Reilly went to Iraq to thank the troops. Sean Hannity went last week. I think that's great, they need some bucking up, especially when they see our U.S. Senators trashing America when they make THEIR overseas trips.