Thursday, August 23, 2007

Catching Up

This is really becoming a cross of a week for me. No matter how hard I work, I can't get back to the surface at the day job; I come home so exhausted that I fall asleep before I can even get to my den; and my wife is actively trying to drag me away from blogging altogether, the latest gambit being to book the whole family on a "getaway" weekend that would take me miles from an internet connection and pre-empt my regular Saturday "anonyblogcast".

Not that any of this matters to the blogosphere at large, where I am at best a remora fish hanging on white-knuckledly to mantarays like Admiral Ed, Double-H, and Powerline. But, blast it, it matters to my vanity, and my attempt to have a life beyond being an office drone and the Family Guy minus the evil toddler. I've got the "sickness," and there is no cure, and I just GOTTA have my fix.

Problem is, after staying up till one or two in the morning tonight, I'll be wiped out tomorrow night, and won't get any show-prep done, and will be frantically trying to throw bleep together Saturday morning....which probably wouldn't alter my blogcasting success one jot or tittle, either. But there again, vanity rules the day.

Until I finally collapse, anyway. But that'd be on the way to Crystal Mountain, so even fewer people would notice it. Which is a pity, since the sight of a van crashing through the guardrail and plunging a thousand feet to the bottom of a forested river canyon, there to explode sending fiery wreckage in every which direction would be a spectacular YouTube.

Now, I've you'll excuse me, my wife is making me eat raw chicken fragments for dinner. Be back in a few.