Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Ultimate RNC Ad

The dictatorship of Hillary Rodham could not have made more bad moves had it planned on destroying the nation. It took its productive farms from their owners and assigned them to political cronies, who turned America from a net exporter of agriculture to a beggar nation. Hillary then tried to drive the poor out of the cities, and the black market that fed most of them collapsed. Faced with rising shortages and the predictable inflation that followed, Hillary capped prices - and now no one can find anything on store shelves. Riots break out whenever anything arrives.

Their capital has little electricity and less potable water. Four out of five people live in abject poverty. Even if Hillary left at this point, people will start dying in droves very soon - those who stay, anyway. Millions have fled America, and millions more have packed their bags. There may be no one left to challenge Hillary for power.

Okay, this is from an Ed Morrissey post on the impending collapse of Zimbabwe. And it took Robert Mugabe twenty-eight years to completely destroy his country, with a head start Mrs. Clinton certainly won't have. And yeah, it'd probably turn off "independents" in droves, though from what I keep reading it's not as though that isn't already substantially and intractibly the case anyway. But wouldn't ya like to see an ad like this, even once? Just to shove it up Daily Kos and his crazoid minions as a token response in kind for the past six-plus years of lancing the insatiable rhetorical pus-boil? I'd figure out a way to make it my desktop wallpaper, personally.

As to the Zimbabwean plight itself, all I can say is, was this really preferable to the apartheid of the Rhodesia era? And doesn't this give the utter foolish lie to the conventional wisdom that Western "colonialism" was an unmitigated evil?