Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hillary's Votes

As with any Democrat....forget what she SAYS, watch how she VOTES. Neil Boortz has a roundup of Karl Rove's comments about how Hillary votes against empowering the individual and always votes for more government control. No surprise to most of us, of course. Here's the short list:

She voted against providing seniors with a prescription drug benefit.

She voted against allowing people to save tax free for their out-of-pocket medical expenses.

She voted against medical liability reform so that docs are not forced out of practice by junk lawsuits.

She opposes leveling the playing field so that people who pay for health insurance out of their own pocket get the same tax break the big corporations get for providing health care benefits to their employees.

She's against allowing people to shop for health insurance across state lines like we do with auto insurance so the consumers would have more choices and there'd be competition to get your business, give you more for less.

She's voting for penalizing seniors who have those private health care plans through Medicare.

Neil puts it well:

Take a look at the list. Think about all of those items. Every one of those reforms would have empowered the people. Every one of those reforms would have allowed people to take a bit more responsibility for their own health care. That is precisely why Hillary voted against each and every one of them.

Many Americans need to rid themselves of the notion that people like Hillary actually give a flying fornication about their health status. What they care about is government power. Every step taken in congress must be a step that takes power away from the people and hands it to the Imperial Federal Government. The ultimate goal here is not to improve access to health care, but to make each and every American dependent on the federal government for their health care.

This is all about weakening the individual and strengthening government. Wake up and smell the poison.

I don't care how "reasonable" she can make herself sound, she is a socialist to the core. I think she's twice as bad as her husband. And notice how any attempt to tell the truth about her is an "attack." Poor little thing. First she's a tough leader who will turn things around in the war (by surrendering), then she's an innocent little victim. Geez, I can't stand this woman. The fact that many people are enamored of her just boggles my mind. As Boortz says, wake up and smell the poison! She's full of it.