Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rush Interview With Rove

If you didn't get a chance to hear Rush's interview with Karl Rove yesterday, go to Rush's site and read the transcript. I've always like the guy, but I've never heard him speak very much. He is a class act and I have even more respect for him after hearing him talk to Rush.

What a contrast there is between the leadership of the Republican Party and the leadership of the Democratic Party! Look at the difference between them when they are interviewed. For the most part, Republicans are reasonable, calm, and talk about the issues. Democrats screech, howl, and hate. All you hear from them is criticism and gloom. Never anything positive, uplifting, or happy. Honestly, it must be hell to be a liberal.

I think they are filled with so much hate for conservatives because conservatives are everything they're not. Principle, character, honesty, confidence, vision...does that describe any Democrat in leadership that you can think of? After Rush's interview with Rove yesterday I tried to think of a Democrat in power who embodies those traits, and sadly I couldn't think of one. Zell Miller would be one, but he's not in office any more, I think because he couldn't stand to be around the members of his own party.

I don't agree with Jim that Hillary will be our next President. I think she has far more negatives than positives with most people in this country. I think Thompson or Guiliani will be President in 2008. Never mind the fact that Jim is right far more often than I am. :-)