Friday, September 07, 2007

Fighting Through The Pain

....of a real drag of a sinus headache tonight, I offer these quick takes from the Admiral's table:

***Can one definition of victory in the War Against Islamic Fundamentalism not be the day when Osama bin Laden puts out another audio or video message and nobody pays any attention to it (other than our intelligence agencies)? Wouldn't that also mean that it is the Enemy Media which is the biggest obstacle to "stopping the war"? Or do they just love OBL aping Donk rhetoric?

***Let me get this straight: after turning himself in in California on sixteen-year-old theft charges, then getting the feds sicced on him for his "mysterious" pro-Donk fundraising racket, then being released on bail again and making another break for it, Norman "Waldo" Hsu has been Colorado? Is that a case of trying to throw the posse off the trail, or does he just have a lousy sense of direction?

***How about NATO tells its good buddy Vlad Putinmius that if he wants to keep sending decades-obsolete nuclear bombers to buzz Western European (and Western Pacific) airspace, we won't be sending up interceptors to run 'em off or shoot 'em down, but rather a few squadrons of B-2 bombers to conduct a scenic tour of Russian border areas? In the interests of peace, of course.

***This failure of a lib radio talk show host (redundant I know, but work with me here) walks into a bar with a bunch of his friends and cusses out and punches a conservative woman and her husband....

What? You've heard this one before?

***Can any definition of victory in the War Against Islamic Fundamentalism be attained if Western nations aren't willing to stop treating "radical" Islam like a religion and start treating it as the enemy ideology, akin to Nazism and communism, that it so clearly is, and start cracking down on fifth columnar organizations that promote and spread jihad in our very midst?

Ed puts it in uncharacteristically blunt terms:
The West needs to decide whether they stand for anything at all. Radical Muslims like the Deobandis have declared war on the West, and they have had little hesitation in waging it. Will Western nations surrender to the extremists by refusing to defend themselves, or will they act to curtail the influence and spread of deadly and seditious organizations? The time is rapidly approaching in Britain for that decision, and the end result should be closely watched all through the West.
I don't think I want to know the answer to that question considering the only item of note taken about the latest bin Laden communique was whether his beard was fake, the near-misses in Denmark and Germany this week, and that two of the three-man home-grown German cell that intended to attack Ramstein Air Force Base were not "young Middle Eastern males," but young Aryan males who converted to Islam.

God forbid that they'd been converted to Christianity (the REAL "religion of peace"). That would have been "something offensive, denigrating to other religions."

Never mind; I already know the answer to the aforementioned question. I'd just prefer not to think about it in the time the Global Caliphate leaves to us.