Saturday, October 27, 2007

True Colors

In another show of his lack of integrity and class, the Edwards Campaign is demanding that a student's story on his plush campaign headquarters be killed.

A University of North Carolina professor said Friday that John Edwards' campaign demanded that he pull a student reporter's television story that focused on the upscale location of the campaign's headquarters.

C.A. "Charlie" Tuggle, an associate professor at the school, said the Edwards campaign contacted the reporter, second-year master's degree student Carla Babb, asking for a video of her report to be removed from the Internet. When that failed, the campaign demanded in three calls to Tuggle that the TV story be killed, he said.

And doesn't this sound like a bit of a threat?

Tuggle said the campaign had complained that the reporter misrepresented the story she planned to do. He also said the Edwards campaign warned that relations with the school could be jeopardized.

Guess they feel like it might be a little embarrassing for people to see the luxury the Golden Boy surrounds himself with while at the same time pretending to care about "poverty." He probably can't even spell it.

The bigger issue, though, is his trying to bully this newspaper into doing his will. Guess he just doesn't get the whole free speech thing. Notice they're not saying that the student misrepresented any facts, they just don't like the "spin" of the story and therefore want to SHUT IT DOWN. Talk about showing your true colors.